Facebook has become an absolutely enormous part of the e-commerce ecosystem, with some segments of the online population using it as their main internet activity. That said, there is a lot more to Facebook than just posting products and getting page likes when it comes to e-commerce companies increasing sales.

Here are the top 10 ways to improve your company’s Facebook ROI:

1.    Know how to play the game
It is hugely important to produce as much engagement as possible. The more likes, comments, and shares your posts receive, the more likely your fans are to see your posts in their news feed organically (unpaid). Facebook’s algorithm shows fans posts from pages where the fan has recently engaged (liked, shared, or commented); the more likes you receive on your posts, the more likely your fans (and their friends) are to receive a greater percentage of your posts.

2.    Post about your brand, but remember that it’s not all about you
Make sure to post engaging content that connects with audience on at least a daily basis, but don’t forget to slot in advertising and promotions for your brand. A good place to start testing is one good content piece for engagement and one brand promotion each day. Your customers are on Facebook to be entertained and engaged with relevant interesting content, and if you provide that, they will accept the occasional relevant brand promotion.

3.    Your brand’s Facebook page should not be used as a customer-service channel
Direct all users who post customer-service inquiries towards your chosen customer-service channel (email, phone, chat, etc). It is way too difficult (not to mention expensive) to have your customer-service reps patrolling all of your Facebook comments (and you should have a lot if you are following tip #1) for customer concerns.

4.    Remove and ban all users who persist in posting offensive, derogatory, or rude comments
You want to make your page a safe place for all to engage with your brand.

5.    Put to good use Facebook’s advertising program
This is the best way for you to stay in touch with your fans and your target audience; it’s relatively inexpensive and has far reaching benefits. Facebook makes it easy to get started, but stay away from the “Boost Post” button. Instead set up your own campaigns. You can even set some up to automatically update each time you post something new.

6.    Test, measure, optimize…and repeat
The only way to figure out what works is to test a post or ad see how it performs, and then improve based on your results and learnings.

7.    Give every post time to breathe
Sometimes it takes time for a post to catch on, and it definitely takes time for Facebook advertising to catch the latest post and begin showing it to users. While individual times vary, letting at least 3 hours pass before releasing a new post is a good guide.

8.    Don’t be afraid to pay to promote content
Sure it’s great to pay Facebook to advertise your product or promotion, but it can be effective to boost up some of those content posts as well. Remember: the more engaged your fans are, the more often they will see your posts.

9.    Link back to your site or blog often
Facebook engagement is great, but at the end of the day, your goal is to get people to your site to purchase. Make it easy for your fans to find your site by including it often.

10.    Build your email list
Your fans have already exhibited an interest in your brand and products, so make it easy for them to sign up for your email list by having it appear within your about section.

These 10 things will help Facebook really pay off. Start using them today, and see your metrics improve.

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