So many social media sites…so little time. What is a digital marketer to do?

The other day, from a college newspaper, there was an article about a guy who was trying to use LinkedIn to get a date. That is not a typo. He said he wasn’t having the best of luck with the ladies. “It seems like they all wanted Twizzlers and I was just a Red Vine.” He heard that 20% of couples now meet online and figured it was worth giving it a shot. He was on Eharmony, Match, Okcupid, Idate, Christianmingle, Amishcrush, you name it. However he had no luck except being matched with his recently widowed mother. So on LinkedIn, he posted all the answer to the usual date background questions, but then it got a little weird. Attempts at sexy photos, experience listing past dates, education listing 50 Shades of Grey as well as his human anatomy class, skills and expertise listing romance techniques. He asked for recommendations from past dates. He didn’t understand why it wasn’t working.

Personally, I am really hoping this is all a playful college prank.

Does anyone recall this helpful “social media explained” joke?

social media explained

What a great perspective!

But all of us serious digital marketing people need something a little bit more, especially when trying to explain social media in a way that persuades someone to participate as a part of their ongoing digital marketing strategies. As part of your entire ecosystem of marketing tactics, it fills some important gaps, leverages some emerging opportunities, and positions your company as a leader. So, here’s quick reference chart that will help you to get: a) budget b) personnel c)permission to set up social sites. (Please tell me you are not stuck on “c”.)
Digital Marketing Social Channels
Would love to get more input from others on the newest successes here and perhaps feature your work in a future case study. Reach me at your favorite social channel.

Remember this. Since social sites are still an emerging media, there can not be one source of truth on the best way to use each. The best uses I am sure have yet to be discovered. So, use this as a guideline. Then innovate, invent and investigate. Try new things in new ways and see what happens. You may discover you can use twitter for writing dissertations. Well, maybe not.

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2 Responses to So Many Social Media Sites – What’s a Digital Marketer to do?

  1. strungsoggy says:

    This is so true. There are a lot of social media sites that we have in order to promote our business or organization nowadays and it is really confusing which one to use. Anyway, I think , each social sites has its own function. I agree, that we have just to be aware and know exactly what we want to relay our target market. Thanks for sharing this social channel goals and best use cases. This will be relevant for all online marketers.

  2. Dawn Kole Dawn Kole says:

    Glad to hear this helps. Thank you for your comment.

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