In this never ending sea of email newsletters, we have the never ending question – How do we keep subscribers?

A friend forwarded me this creative page that entertains visitors as they are unsubscribing, and gives them options to choose only less frequency. Check it out.

Email Unsubscribe Inspiration to Control Opt-Outs

Since this page was personalized with subscriber data, the left column information is missing, but here is what it looked like.

sears email unsubscribe page

What did you think? Did you watch all the videos? What action would you take after viewing them? Need to change your unsubscribe page content? I know – it takes an IT project to get it done, but how much is each subscriber worth to your company? Figure out the ROI and gain support for the change.

Remember these best practices to manage your email unsubscribes.

1. Give customers a choice of frequency. While the pressure to increase frequency of emails to your subscribers continues, cater to your customers. It is much better to keep a subscriber receiving a monthly communication than lose one because you only offer weekly.

2. Give customers a choice of content. Not all customers are alike. So, let them choose their own content. Too many options here are just confusing, so limit choices to 3 or 4. Use a good database list management system to keep track of content preferences and tailor your editorial accordingly. In addition to keeping your subscribers around, you will also gain increased click throughs on your content.

3. Offer other methods of receiving your content. If they are unsubscribing from email, remind them that they can connect with you on their social channels or on their mobile (assuming we all are using these channels now)

4. Analyze your highest clicked content and create more! Give your readers more of what they read. This will indirectly help decrease your opt-outs.

5. Survey your subscribers bi-annually to get some ideas on what other content would be valuable to them. Do this within an existing email – not as a separate additional send.

6. Once they opt-out, send an email confirming their opt-out with instructions on resubscribing and a reminder about the frequency and content choices they can make.

Subscribers are difficult to acquire. Make sure that you are doing all you can to retain them. Need help? Give me a call.

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