Upsells are a vital marketing tactic for driving ecommerce revenue.

In my previous two posts about upsells, I spoke about…

Post 1 – How to leverage additional offers to drive monetization for your transaction path
Post 2 – Where to find offers to use as an upsell

Today I talk about options for how to present upsells. I then explain how to leverage the confirmation page to drive audience retention…



There is no single correct way to deploy upsells on your site. Variations include…

  • One Page – Single Offer
    • Possibly for an upsell that is complicated and needs more space to explain it.
    • When Netflix first launched, we would use a dedicated page to present and explain the offer.
  • One Page – Multiple Offers
    • This is good for giving the consumer options. Though a lot of research shows that the more options you present to consumers, the more likely they will get overwhelmed and abandon.
  • Multiple Pages
    • A more aggressive option is to display multiple pages of offers. Whether the consumer takes something or skips the page altogether, you would load another page of offers.
    • This can help increase monetization, but might upset consumers so they don’t come back again. It depends on your brand and audience.

Testing different layouts, number of products displayed, and algorithms for selecting the upsell offers will help you figure out the right upsell mix for your site.



When analyzing performance of your ecommerce activities, you should break out the conversion rates of upsells to isolate how well they are performing. Conversion rates should be good…

  • Consumers have enough confidence and dedication to your brand and web site that they made at least one purchase.
  • You are showing offers very relevant to the consumer.
  • You already have a shipping address, so can automatically fill that in for the consumer.



The confirmation page does not just need to be used for upselling. It is also a valuable opportunity to drive consumer retention…

  • Email
    • Email is still a very effective way to bring consumers back to your site. If you didn’t already get the consumer opt-in while going through the transaction path, then the confirmation page is another solid place to do this.
    • You can get consumers to opt-in to:
      • Special Promos
      • Newsletters
      • Third party offers
  • Mobile App Promos
    • If you have a mobile app, the confirmation page is a great place to promote it and drive downloads. You can simply promote the app and point consumers to the various app stores where they can download it.
    • An even better option is to allow consumers to enter their cell phone number on the page, then text a link to the consumer so they can just click and install from there.
  • Account Setup
    • In previous posts I mention that you can improve transaction path conversion rates by deferring password and other account setup activities until after the transaction is complete. So, the confirmation page is a good place to setup passwords or to complete profiles.
  • Social Media
    • Finally, there are social media opportunities to get your site noticed and drive new consumers to your site…
    • ‘Share’ your purchase
    • Affinity Links:
      • ‘Like’ us on Facebook
      • ‘Follow’ us on Twitter
    • Refer a Friend programs

There was a lot of information included in these three posts about upsells. They are really important and should be an integral part of the marketing plan for any ecommerce site. Testing will help you determine the right mix for your audience so you can drive the most value for your business.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at the following…

Email: info@DigitalRealmConsulting.com
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