If you have not seen the scene from the hit movie “Office Space” with a line – “uh oh, sounds like somebody has a case of the Monday’s” – then my reference is probably lost on you. Well now I have to at least throw in a link to the short snippet –

So, what does this have to do with retailers, consumers and eCommerce? It seems that retailers, in the holiday season, have become all too consumed (pun intended) with various Monday’s and the impact shopping on those days can have on overall shopping performance in the holiday season.

Cyber Monday – The Grandfather of the Monday’sCrazy holiday shopper Ready for Monday

We all know that Black Friday is the huge start to the holiday shopping season that occurs the day after many Americans stuff themselves with turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and assorted desserts. It has become a sport for shoppers – to the point of ridiculousness in many cases. For many years the Monday after Black Friday was overlooked. Retailers then started to notice a pattern – eat Turkey, shop in stores on Friday, then shop online when they got back to work on Monday. Thus, the birth of Cyber Monday. In 2014 it will be December 1.

For all those missed items and sales, consumers decided to turn to the internet as a resource to find more items and sales. The beauty was that with the click of a button, things could be bought from anywhere without having to elbow grandma out of the way or get run over by a crazy dude’s shopping cart with that wheel that only seems to turn left.  For a short while retailers were pleased that they could see two spikes in shopping – one offline and one online. But, that one online Monday was not enough.

Green Monday – The Cute Little Monday That Grew Up Fast

Green Monday was launched to prominence by eBay when they came out and said that the second Monday of December was their busiest sales day of the year. comScore has more notably defined that Green Monday is the Monday over 10 days prior to Christmas. Either way it is basically the sweet spot in between the start of the shopping season and Christmas whereby people can order items and likely get those items delivered on time. In 2014, Green Monday is either on December 8th (if going by the “second Monday” definition) or December 15th (if going by the “10 days prior” definition). Many forecasters believe Green Monday will gross over $1.5B in revenues in 2014. Much like Cyber Monday, retailers were quick to start adding more Mondays to the mix in order to perpetuate the shopping season.

Gen Mon – The Rise of the Mondays

In a raspy movie trailer voice –

…In a world where one Monday is not enough; and consumers are looking for ways to spend more money on “stuff” for holiday gifts…

In fact, it is real life. Seizing on the marketability of consumers buying more things on Mondays, several new Monday’s have sprung up in recent years.

UPS Truck for Brown MondayMost notable is “Brown Monday”. Why we are stuck on colors is an oddity unto itself. Brown Monday is supposedly the last day for regular priced shipping before shipping prices are increased for “expedited shipping”. This creates a final opportunity for all retailers to provide discounts on shipping coupled with “dollar off”, “% off” and other offers to ring those registers.

The good news – there are a finite number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas – which varies from year to year but will likely never be more than 30 days. The bad news – retail marketers are smart, so expect to see all sorts of “Days” continue to be surfaced in the coming years.

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