I’ve been in a hiatus lately since opening up a coffee and consumer goods retailer and I wanted to share with you one very important piece of advice I learned during this journey. I want you to think of your website experience as an extension of your brand, I want you to personalize your website to your target audience. That’s right. All the images, buttons, and especially, the functionality. Let us allow the following pictures demonstrate when I mean.

Scenario 1: High-End and Personalized

A modern, upscale bakery in the city. Their target consumer definitely has a busy lifestyle with their career. Bakeries such as these should cater to the busy individual whose career might get in the way of purchasing baked goods during business hours. Using Georgetown Cupcake as an example, they allow online order-ahead as well as delivery. Knowing their consumer likes to make decisions, they even allowed the user to order any variety they would like with pictures and full descriptions – as if the user was in the store. The entire user experience fits their brand.



Scenario 2: Options, Personalized & More!

Consider Newegg.com, the online store for everything computer-related. Their target consumer demands details, clarity, honesty and options. These are clearly shown, and then some, on every product page. In fact, most pages have more information than you needed and rely heavily on evaluation from their peers.



Scenario 3: Consumer Knows Best

Most companies spend their time telling consumers what is right with their product, but Nike lets the consumers choose what they think is right by allowing them to create their own shoes. That’s right, a sports company that knows sporting to a science, allows their consumer to make their own choices because Nike’s brand hones in that the consumer is knowledgable. And, well, to just “do it” already. It makes sense to allow their smart shoppers to quickly grab their perfect pair of shoes they know will perform well. Also, the process goes so quickly the consumer doesn’t have time to change their mind!





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