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A recent Marketing Charts summary shows that “Fast response to enquiries or complaints” along with “Simple purchasing processes” rank highest. While these should be basic cornerstones of any business, many of us have experienced much different. But many companies are starting to get it.

Recently, we had purchased a new kitchen faucet at Overstock.com, who had the best price on this particular model. The kitchen faucet was beautiful – just what we wanted, until the sprayer section quit working. So I emailed Overstock and asked if we could get a replacement part for the sprayer. Overstock had the most amazing customer response that I’ve ever experienced.

Below are the messages, starting with the final resolution in case you only have a few reading moments, it is the grand finale and certainly a great example that all companies, no matter what the industry or size can use to make improvements to their own customer responses.

What stood out?

1. They made me feel special, like they were going the extra mile to help me.

2. They connected emotionally.

3. They thoroughly explained the resolution, even going beyond to explain UPS tracking system.

4. They informed me of the next steps with the defective sprayer so I wouldn’t have to contact them again.

5. They assured me that these types of situations were rare and regained my trust.

6. They emailed regularly with a status update.

Additionally, soon after the resolution, I was emailed a survey to rate my customer satisfaction as well as my likelihood to buy before and after this customer service event. And you guessed it, I was not a regular customer of theirs, although I have purchased some items over the years. Overstock will now be one of the first sites I check for my next purchases.

Enjoy these messages. They will brighten your day.


Hi Dawn,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits today and I wanted to touch base with you regarding our recent parts inquiry for a new Sprayer to your Kraus Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet, but I’d first like to say how awful I feel for the troubles you’ve experienced with this getting stuck to begin with. Thank you so much for working with me to correct this mistake, I sincerely appreciate it and I’’ve got some fantastic news to share with you!

I just heard back from our warehouse and they’ve advised that as a courtesy, they were able to pull a few strings to send a new Sprayer your way via UPS at no additional cost. Yay! I’m so excited and can’’t wait for you to enjoy your new Faucet Set soon, I bet it’s going to look amazing and I hope you like it!

Your tracking # is 1ZWR031 9YW75340823 and I have entered the carrier link below if you’d like to check out the status of your shipment:


I do want to let you know that your package may not be scanned in for a few days since our carriers won’t usually scan their items until they’re passing through a large mail hub. No need to worry though! Once it has been scanned, they’’ll usually also provide an anticipated delivery date to you’ll have a better idea of when your parts order will arrive. Based on the location of our warehouse that’s shipped your part(s), I’m confident that you’ll receive this quickly and it looks like our standard shipping/delivery timeframe will be 3-5 business days.

UPS also has a pretty cool feature that allows you to sign up to receive email notifications anytime your package is scanned in. This will definitely be helpful once it’s been sent out for delivery so you’’ll know when it will be arriving. To activate this feature, you’’ll just want to click the link, select e-mail updates and fill in your information. I really love this option and know how important this is to you so I wanted to share!

One last thing; Our warehouse has advised that you can go ahead and dispose of the defective Sprayer however you’’d like as we’’d hate to cause any more trouble by asking for you to send it back.

Dawn, you’ve been so wonderful to work with and I am terribly sorry for everything that’s happened with this. With this being your very first order, I truly hope that we were able to turn your customer service experience into a positive one to help make up for the mistakes we’ve made. I’m also crossing my fingers that you’ll give us another chance to prove that situations like these are extremely rare and when they do occur, we’re 100% dedicated to taking care of them as quickly as possible!

Please let me know if you need anything else at all and I’ll be more than happy to help however possible. Have a wonderful Wednesday and upcoming weekend!


Jonnie W.

Customer Care


Jonnie W. from Overstock.com

04/07/2015 09:26 AM

Good Morning Dawn,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits today and I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that our warehouse is still working vigorously to locate a new Sprayer to your Faucet Set so we can prepare it for shipment.

As promised before, I’ll be sure to keep you posted with any updates!

Please don’t hesitate to reply to this email if you need anything else in the meantime and it’ll be my pleasure to help. Have a tremendous Tuesday, we’ll talk to you soon!


Jonnie W.

Customer Care


Jonnie W. from Overstock.com

04/06/2015 10:47 AM

Hi Dawn,

I hope you had a terrific weekend and I want to start by saying how incredibly sorry I am to hear of the troubles you’ve had with the Sprayer to your Kraus Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet. I see this was your first order with us and I do want to let you know this is not something that happens often. I will be handling this with our warehouse to make sure it gets taken care of as quickly as possible as this is very embarrassing on our behalf and definitely not the way we run things. I truly hope we can turn this experience around for you!

I wanted to follow up and confirm that although it appears we’re outside of our 30 day timeframe to do so, we want to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your product so our parts request has been submitted to our warehouse for processing. To explain this process a little further, our warehouse will try to locate the replacement Sprayer question. As soon as it is confirmed as being available, they will contact us back. Although this can take a few days, I will be sure to update you with daily progress!

Once we are able to confirm that the new Sprayer is available, we should be able to have the package ready and shipped within 2-5 business days. I will send you an email with tracking information as soon as it becomes available. Until we receive this confirmation, please hang onto the packaging.

Dawn, I truly hope this puts your mind at ease and am excited to take care of this for you as quickly as possible. I want you know to know that I will be by your side every step of the way with this request and if you have any further questions during our parts process, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and I will be happy to help. Have a marvelous Monday!


Jonnie W.

Customer Care


Jeremy W from Overstock.com

04/03/2015 07:27 PM

Hello Dawn,

Thank you for your email about your parts request. I am happy to help you today.

To give you the most accurate answer to your email, I have forwarded your message on to one of our specialized representatives in our Parts Team. This representative can access the information we need to answer your question.

We will follow-up with you through email or phone within 1 to 2 business days. I’m sorry for the additional time this will take, but I look forward to finding a positive resolution.

If there is anything else I may help you with, feel free to contact me anytime by replying to this email.


Xan E.

Overstock Customer Care

Dear Overstock,

We renovated our kitchen and this faucet finally was installed about In beginning of March.

The sprayer portion of this keeps getting stuck so it doesn’t work. Can you send us a new sprayer section so that we can just replace that part? Order #141303039

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