One of the challenges I constantly see with smaller businesses is that they need and want all the same things big businesses do – like technology that uses data intelligently to help them grow their business.  The problem?  They don’t have the big business budgets.

“E-Commerce Toolkit Essentials” is a new series here on, showcasing e-commerce and marketing tools that are affordable, easy-to-use, and can provide real value to your business and growth.

First Up:  Email Collection From SumoMe

If e-commerce were simple, well, it wouldn’t need me, you, or any of the cool 3rd party applications out there.  Today, let’s cover an email collection application that can help your database grow in a smart, easy way.

First, I’m not here to argue whether email is dead or alive.  Check your inbox(es); it’s alive and kicking.  What is dying is that generic “batch and blast” mentality of yesteryear…but that’s a blog post for another day.  All you need to know today is that when done correctly, email works.

Now enter SumoMe.  It’s not that new; in fact, it serves hundreds of thousands of websites and you’ve likely been on one recently and didn’t even realize it (Like Airbnb or theChive).  And here’s a spoiler alert for the rest of this post:  SumoMe is awesome.


I could write on and on about the great features of SumoMe, like their Heat Maps, Social Sharing, and Content Analytics (check them out when you sign up).  But today, I’m focusing on the crux of their service, the thing that makes small businesses jump up and say “I need that!”  That’s their “List Builder,” which is a website pop-over (or, if you prefer, an overlay or lightbox) that helps you collect more email addresses.

The reasons this tool is perfect for small businesses:

  • It’s easy to install. It takes about 5 minutes and anyone at any skill level can do it.
  • They design for the user. The pop-ups work responsively (equally good on any device).  They’re templated and you can turn on a simple version in about 1 minute.
  • They have features, and more features. You can run A/B tests (see which creative or messaging gets more subscribers).  You can connect to some of the most common email services (like MailChimp), allowing you to trigger automation campaigns.  And much more…
  • They work. One SumoMe account I have running now has increased email acquisition by almost 100% for that website.  But I’m not alone, here’s what Listtrack recently said about research for their own clients: “Retail clients with a modal lightbox solution see annual list growth of 47.87%.”

So the easy question is, do you have 5 minutes to help grow your email database by 50% a year?

If you’re a small business, or a big business with a small budget, stay tuned for more “E-Commerce Toolkit Essentials” that will help you grow your business without busting your budget.

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